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Ibis Valdes is the original founder of Ibiley Manufacturing.  She immigrated to the US from Cuba in 1969 and began working in local sewing factories upon her arrival.  Her passion for sewing and dress-making led her to open her own factory in 1975 with only four seamstresses.  Her factory became a family endeavor with her husband and their children all working together. 

In 1989, Ibiley’s direction moved into the area of school uniforms.  Ibis designed and created the first public school uniforms that spearheaded the school uniform division.  Her daughter took over this product line and continues operating it to this day.  Her son, Efrain Valdes, shifted the company’s direction to military uniforms and gear by obtaining their first opportunity in this field in 2001 working as a sub-contractor for one of the largest military body armor manufacturers in the industry.

Since 2001, Ibiley became focused solely on military contract work and has since produced over 150,000 OTVs for the US Military.  Over the years, Efrain Valdes, as Chief Executive Officer, has built successful working relationships with most of the major US body armor manufacturers.  Ibiley has successfully produced all types of protective outer wear including OTVs, IOTVs, yoke and collar assemblies, throat protectors, groin protectors, ESBI carriers, DAPS, and various commercial body armor outer shells.

Alex F. Cejas is the President of Ibiley.  Alex brings with him nearly 15 years of body armor manufacturing, design, and development experience.  He is a valuable addition to the Ibiley team allowing the company to develop and expand its ballistic manufacturing capabilities. Mr. Cejas graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Industrial Engineering degree in 1990. With his diverse experience in several aspects of manufacturing, including apparel manufacturing operations, body armor design and engineering, systems integration, and vendor relationships, Mr. Cejas was an ideal fit for Ibiley.  Since joining Ibiley in mid-2009, Mr. Cejas has helped Ibiley win it’s first two multi-year Prime Contracts with the US Marine Corps for Multiple Threat Body Armor Plate Carriers and USMC Chest Rigs, and he has also helped Ibiley achieve ISO 9001:2008 Registered status.

Gladys Valdes is the Vice President and Operations Manager at Ibiley Manufacturing.  She graduated from the University of Miami in 1989 with a Bachelors Degree in Education.  After working her way up the ladder of the Miami-Dade County educational system for many years, and even serving as director of her own private school, she entered the family business at Ibiley in 2003, and Gladys has used her administrative and leadership skills to oversee and manage all operations including plant management, quality control, logistics coordination, and customer relations.  She spear-headed the effort to become HUBZone certified, and she recently helped implement a Quality Management System in order to achieve ISO 9001:2008 Registration. 

The industry in which Ibiley operates is highly fragmented, yet growing rapidly in order to meet the increasing demands of the domestic law enforcement industry and multiple US government and military requirements.  Ibiley is well positioned to become one of the premier manufacturers of body armor and tactical gear in this volatile environment.


A Family Endeavor...

The Ibiley family has persevered to reach new heights.  Below the family celebrates the commencement of its two multi-year military contracts.

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